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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Walk 2, September 2010, 5 miles, 2 and a half hours.
Two miles outside Foxton Locks to Husbands Bosworth and back.
Bridges 50, 49, 48, 47 & 46

Leaden legs, foggy head.
Hard going , a bit melancholy.

Thin walkways, treacherous roots,
fallen branches, weakening sun.

Unintentional sculpture imagined in a bridge of something lost -
desiccated bouquet tied at the mid point
questions of who, what and why?

Low branches, slippery ground,
eyes driven downwards by overhanging branches.
Two milestones, brickwork date stamps.

Dry for weeks, then a sudden deluge,
lasting days, has taken it's toll,
evidence of erosion now sticky grey mud.

Trees that survive, adapting
to all that forces a way through tender flesh,
barbed wire, rust and corrugation.

The man made sharp in tooth and claw.

All we experience erodes us,

whilst adding patination to our living milestones.

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