We are looking for contacts, local community groups, interested individuals, routes into funding, places to exhibit, support, volunteers, publicity and people to network with in order to develop our projects.
Please contact us by emailing milesanddacombe@virginmedia.com.

What is the Undiscovered Networks project?

Welcome to the beginning of our new journey: Undiscovered Networks.

We have started this blog to open up our conversation as our new project develops.

Following our last project, which took place in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK, (please visit Fingerprints on the Pew to see our project book), we became interested in the new train station recently reopened. When a new rail network is re-opened, how does that connection affect a town? We started thinking about the idea of connections, networks, and undiscovered places.

We aim to visit random places that are linked to Corby on the network. Places we don’t know,  undiscovered places. Our project will find connections between these places.

As we travel on this journey, we aim to build contacts and networks - so get in touch!  Email us at milesanddacombe@virginmedia.com