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Monday 28 February 2011

Our Mystery Destination

We will be visiting Perry Barr for our derive on Friday.

First I picked 15 places from the network that I liked the names of but had never visited.
Perry Barr
Wylde Green
Wootton Wawen
Woburn Sands
Long Buckby

Then I sent a text to Carole to pick a number between 1 and 10.  (She didn't know what I wanted it for.)  She picked 7.

I counted every seventh number and crossed it off, then continued counting and crossing off the seventh until only one place was left.


BUT - Carole said this is where her partner's parents live! Strange coincidence.  So we tried again.  Carole picked 9.

We got Long Buckby.

Only one stop from Northampton, where we will be starting from.  Not much of a train journey.

We thought we would go further afield.

I repeated the exercise, having removed Kidsgrove and Long Buckby.

I got Perry Barr, near Walsall.  Neither of us have been there before.  That is where we will go.

Saturday 5 February 2011

Our Mystery Trip - where shall we go? It's up to YOU!

On 4th March Carole and Jo will be taking a Mystery Trip via rail to a station somewhere on the London Midland Network.  We don't know where we are going to go.  THAT'S UP TO YOU!

We are asking all readers of our blog to vote for where they would like us to go on the network.

You might know one of the places and think we should go, or you might just be intrigued by the name of the place and want us to find out what it's like there.

Please click here to look at the network map.  Choose a place and make your vote by leaving us a comment or emailing us at milesanddacombe@virginmedia.com saying where you would like us to go and why.

We will choose the best idea on Thursday 3rd March, the day before we go, and then we will write a report on the blog of what we found there!

Why are we doing this?  London Midland Network are doing a Great Escape ticket for only £10 for adults and £5 for children anywhere on their network between 19th February and 6th March 2011.  If you also go on a Great Escape, please write to us about your trip too and we will publish it on our blog.  Click here for more details on the Great Escape ticket.