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Tuesday 22 June 2010


In March 2009, as part of the Fingerprints project, Carole and I generated a lot of writing about some of the ideas, themes and thoughts that we had had over the course of the three year project.  These writings turned into collages, pasting together map imagery, lines and shapes from our screenprints.  The collages represented interweavings of the project's imagery and the thoughts we had generated throughout.
Looking back you can see the development of ongoing ideas from our first project now resonating in this new project, Undiscovered Networks.  This is one of the collages we made in 2009:

Each of the places on our undiscovered network could be seen as a nexus, a connection but also a point of focus.
By linking the places together, do we create a new community?
Will we be able to create "soft ties" between Corby and our chosen 12 places?

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