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Monday 26 July 2010

myth strata

More on Mythogeography...

Having thought about maps as visual representations showing us things that we cannot see, revealing connections and networks, mythogeography introduces the idea that each place is also an interweaving of myths, stories and histories, a network of meanings that cannot be seen but become part of the fabric of the place...

(Public art can be a way of making the meaning of a place visible.)

The threads that link a place to another place (or person connected to that place) are also part of this interweaving, overlaying of networks forming new nexus points, connecting stories, themes, imaginative responses...

These connections all exist in the imagination.  If made physical they might look like rock strata - building up layer upon layer over time to produce a rich fabric of meanings, compacted together to create the place that we now inhabit.

- oh!  and there's another word I must blog about!  I came across something the other day about the word "inhabit", the physical occupation of a space with one's body... I must look that up again, another blog post coming soon!

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