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Saturday 16 July 2011

Wellbeing Walk 4 - the elusive East!

It was a really hot day.   We just couldn't walk that far!  All that was on our minds was finding a cool, shady spot to sit down.

Meeting at Corby Station as usual, it was great to see yet more new faces joining us for our final walk with this group.  As it was our last walk with them and really stiflingly hot, we decided to make this more of a celebratory day.

Besides, the East had proved elusive!  Carole and Jo had been trying for a few weeks to work out the best route East from the station, wherever they went they got cut off before getting very far.  The large new developments to the East of Corby were well underway and there were fences across land that were not marked on Jo's Ordinance Survey map!

So today we focused on the achievements of our walks together.  The photographs of the beautiful little collections of small items that we had all put together on our last walk were printed onto paper which had flower seeds embedded into it.

We wrote messages on the back of our little pictures and tied the messages to the end of balloons filled with helium.

We filled envelopes full of more seeds and scattered them around the park.

And off they went!

We gave Carolyn, who had done so much hard to work to organise the group and bring wonderful picnics each time for everybody to enjoy, a thank you in the form of tomato plants - to continue the theme of growing and healthy eating!

These walks have been great.  We've all discovered fascinating things right under our feet, felt better for the exercise and the fresh air, made friends and contributed to making the world a more beautiful place by sending out all those seeds and good wishes to ... who knows where?  There is something very uplifting and positive about sending seeds full of growing potential out into the world.

The wonderful thing is that Carole and Jo are going to meet up with this group again in August.  Inspired by our project, the group are now undertaking their own walks in other parts of Northamptonshire, and we will be meeting up for them to take us on a walk in Rushden.

And as for finding the way East, that story will be continued soon...


  1. I have enjoyed hearing about all your adventures. It all looks like fun with lots of pleasure from being out and about, enjoying the world we live in and with people who become lifelong friends. GREAT! and thank you for sharing it with us. XX

  2. It's great to have such lovely feedback Georgina and we do have some more walks and events that we will be writing about so we hope you'll keep popping by!


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