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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Just the Ticket

When we first started thinking about Undiscovered Networks we took an Away day to the London Transport Museum and were both struck by the the huge variety of tickets and travel tokens. The ticket above exhorts the traveller to buy Bryant and May matches to support local workers and to enable the company to "pay £1,000 a week more in wages". We didn't take note of the date of the ticket above but it seems ironic as in 1888 the first recorded strike was staged by the Match-girls working at the Bryant and May factory and prompted the women's rights activist Annie Besant to write a paper "White Slavery in London" in The Link on 23rd of June 1888.

A selection of tickets and travel tokens

An early Bus Conductors's ticket dispenser

We decided that our tickets should reflect the format of current rail tickets which have two distinctive bands of colour at the top and bottom of the front face. These were hand printed and stamped with the Miles & Dacombe header and footer and each ticket was stamped with a different selection of images.

The tickets will be dispensed from a specially constructed shoulder bag with almost transparent pockets in front and a larger pocket, lined with a Liberty map fabric, which will contain the postcards for travellers' responses.

Five tickets, five questions

10 different postcards with images from
Whatstandwell, Cromford and Langwith Whaley Thorns

awaiting our first Ticket exchange!

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