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Saturday 23 June 2012

Planting Our Feet, Feeling the Earth

The weather for our June walk was looking decidedly threatening, resulting in a last minute change of plan. We decided to do our walk from the Ise Community Centre in Kettering, ending up in a polytunnel at the Green Patch allotments, where at least we would be able to shelter if it did rain!

Our walk took us through edge-spaces, along the sides of fields and around the back of houses, lined with trees and bushes. It felt wild but contained at the same time.

Lots of shrubs were bursting into flower,

 touches of bright cerise pinks in luscious green.

Some were already forming rose hips.

New oak trees growing...

...and rings of mushrooms beneath.

A snail with a shell like satin, tucked it's head out of sight, camera-shy.

Elsewhere along the way, thistles burst into bloom, 
their spines wrapped with spider's silk.

Our walk took us gently downhill until we arrived at the Green Patch.

Nigel gave us a tour of the allotments...

... and introduced us to the chickens!

Jo and Carole wanted to show the group the willow bower they had planted on a previous visit. Just twigs when they planted it, it is now covered in lovely green leaves and growing happily.

Gooseberries growing by the bower.

A pond by the bee hives, bright purple irises contrasting against the muddy water.

The strawberries were coming on

 and Love in the Mist!

Whilst picnicking on the benches, Carole and Jo told the group about their forthcoming project in August when they will be artists in residence at the Green Patch, and will write about it on this blog

After lunch it was down to work - in one of the polytunnels there were numerous young plants needing potting on. Courgettes, cucumbers, peppers all waiting to be given new pots to grow into.

In no time the team had potted up the whole bench full and planted the beans, and they set off home with a sense of optimism that their efforts would result in beautiful big plants and vegetables. Carole and Jo can't wait to come back in August and see how they're getting on!

 Many thanks to Nigel for giving us his time. Read more about the Green Patch here.

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