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Friday 16 August 2013

Light Walks Further Afield: a farewell walk

On the morning of our final walk the weather was undecided - rain, sun, wind, a bit of everything seemed to be thrown into the pot. Before leaving the hostel we heard a wide variety of bird song, along our route cows sheltered beneath trees and the Light Walkers donned their fabulous Poundland ponchos!

We had prepared copper tags for our final walk. What has the walking meant to you? What was the best thing?

Now to find a perfect place in the landscape to install and photograph them. We scanned the walls for just the right mossy, stone wall in which to install our copper thoughts.


One final shot of the group! Before heading back...

 A curious cat came to introduce himself.

Not unlike the cat, the three that walked together yet alone strode off

Carole and Jo had had many thoughts and conversations about trees during the stay and the ash tree seemed foremost in their minds because of its current threatened position. On their first day in Alstonefield they saw this piece of tree lore in the local pub.

Walking round the village from a different direction led us to an information board about the Green Well...

...which we also managed to find.

The stone lining was beautifully crafted and reminded us just how important a reliable source of water is to a village.

After the walk and a spot of brunch it was time for the Light Walkers to pack their bags, but you can see from the picture above, that they seemed in no hurry to leave. We hope they left Alstonefield tired, happy and eager to take other walks in other places in the future.

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