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Sunday 13 October 2013

Can You Help Us During the Grow Your Tenner Funding Drive This October?

During the past 7 years we have developed interesting, engaging, meaningful projects that involve the community in contemporary art practice whilst striving to support Wellbeing. We have conducted walks and interventions in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough, Finedon, Rushden and Derbyshire and have made work in woods, on allotments, by streams, in an empty shop, on station platforms and on a community allotment. 

Through a recommendation from Northamptonshire Community Foundation we have an online charitable giving page on the Local Giving website and have heard that the fabulous Grow Your Tenner scheme is about to start a new funding round. Under the banner of Beanfield Artists we are able to benefit from the Grow Your Tenners scheme.

So with this opportunity in mind we hope to rally all our supporters, plus our past, present and future participants by asking them if they can help us during Grow Your Tenner. Each donation of up to but not more than £10 will be matched from the Grow Your Tenner fund.

A donation of £10 can be worth up to £22.50:

£10 donation
+£2.50 Gift Aid
+£10 Match funding
Total = £22.50

The £500,000 will be split into two pots of £250,000. £250,000 will match £10 donations as above while the second £250,000 will be used to match new Direct Debits. The first six monthly payments of up to £10 will be matched.

We have plans for exciting, innovative future projects and a small donation could help us make these plans a reality. You can find our Local Giving page here. 

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