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Saturday 13 June 2015

By The River

Forward Footing There and Back photo set here

For our third Forward Footing walk we staged a closed event 
with pupils and staff from Year Two at 
Priory Lower School in Bedford.

Here is the essence of the walk in their words

Year Two and I went to the river, we all walked there. 

When we got there 
we sat on the ground 
and Carole and Jo, the artists, 
explained what we had to do

They handed out viewers, 
a card with a window, 
we looked and drew what 
we saw through the window

onto card flags. 
We put them on sticks and 

put them in the ground by the wall. 
They made it look very colourful.

Forward Footing Flags photo set here

We made plaits together 

and tied them by the river.

We wrapped ribbon around some trees.

We had a picnic. 
We brought our lunch 
and water in paper bags, 
we brought some 
for Carole and Jo

We placed colourful stones around a tree

Forward Footing Ribbons and braids photo set here 

We stamped words on card,

 words about our day

and Carole put them on the wall

Forward Footing Word Wall photo set here

On Wednesday the 15th of April the whole 
of Year 2 went to the glittery, sparkly river.

We went to the river because we wanted

to decorate the whole beautiful river

We decorated the floor with some chalks.
Forward Footing Chalks photo set here

We went to the pretty riverside with artists Carole and Jo.
We went to the river to brighten it up.
We ended with bubble wands
We had lots of fun!
We made art!
We walked.

The artists gave us a kit bag full of things for more walks.
We hope we go on more walks soon!

Thank you for a lovely Blog Year 2
and so making it such a memorable day!
It may have only been a short distance
but we covered a lot of ground.

Miles and Dacombe

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