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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Forward Footing at Eaton Park, Norwich

Eaton Park is a beautiful park in Norwich, with a very active friends group and a wonderful variety of areas to suit everybody. We planned three walks throughout the day, visiting and responding to different areas of the park.

The day began with drizzly rain so Carole and Jo just set to creating interventions around the park. As the weather cleared, more people started to arrive at the park and, as the day went on, and the interventions appeared around the park, people began to get curious! The sun came out and the afternoon was glorious, and more and more people got involved as they saw things appearing around the place. It was a fantastic day, lots of new connections made and lovely people of all ages joining in. We want to go back!

Here are the interventions throughout the day:

The Ringing Round Walk, at the band stand and between the trees:

The Ping Pong Promenade, alongside the lily pond:

The Meadowlands walk:

...where a bee suddenly appeared and joined us!

You can view images from the day by Kate Dyer here

You can view images rom the day by Andrew Rushton here

Thanks to Anastazja Jasinska for appearing as the bee. Find out more about Anastazja's Bee Movies.

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