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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Through The Gaps - Wellbeing Walk 1 - West

We wanted each of our Wellbeing Walks to start from Corby Station and search out different environments: urban, green, wild spaces and the forgotten.

When we were scoping out the walks we also realised that we had an instinct to make something happen in some of these spaces, to respond to them in an active way. We decided for each walk we should create an intervention.

Our first walk took us West and then North. We didn't know quite what to expect, the weather was unpredictable and we hadn't yet met our group, but we both knew that the simple act of walking could take us through an unexpected gap in a hedge to new ideas and new relationships.

"Above all, do not lose your desire to walk. Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts, and I know of no thought so burdensome that one cannot walk away from it. ~Soren Kierkegaard"

For other lovely quotes about walking follow the the link to The Quote Garden

Waiting for our walkers to arrive

We turned off the main road, and through a gap in a hedge - immediately we were in another world, a wooded area, over a stream, birds singing, cool shade and a quieter atmosphere, the sound of the road masked by the trees.

Horse Chestnut blossom in West Glebe Park, we were amazed by the vivid colours and the tiny conkers forming. During the World Wars the conkers were a source of starch which was fermented to produce acetone. This was then used as a solvent which aided in the process of ballistite extrusion into cordite, which was used in military armaments.

A place of mystery and history

Rolling down the steep slopes of West Glebe Park

Future blackberries waiting to be foraged when the time is right. You can find lots of free information and Blackberry related activities at the Nature Detectives site

Striding out

We picnicked by the lakes, discovered hidden behind hedges

Creating a variety of ripples

Exploring the everyday

offers perplexing contrasts

We watched a pair of swans make
their graceful way across the water

only as they swam closer could we see
their one Cygnet sheltered in between.

Just beneath the surface,
the skeleton of a pram or trolly

A young tree in a newly renovated park stripped of it's bark -
surely there are less destructive games to play

We made seed bombs.
A spot of guerilla gardening will be
our intervention for the walk next week!

Our seed bomb wishes:-

"Sky, water, sunlight, grow, petal"
"Petal Power"
"A more colourful world"
"Darrel wants green hair again"
"A brighter future"
"Playing football for Ireland"
"Tino Greeno"
"Blooms to dispel gloom"

A snapshot of our route

The lovely people at Mytho Geography donated copies of the book 'A Sardine Street Box of Tricks' by Phil Smith to our project. Here's a link to their site and to Phil Smith. Many thanks, we're really enjoying the books! We also had some BEAR Granola to nibble on. A quote from 'Sardine Street':
"The street is our library. But the library is also full of walks."


  1. Thanks for this comment from Mytho Geography:

    fantastic - wonderful walk - you found so much - the burnt house...
    and the building I've shared to Mytho G's FB friends - is this a
    freemasons's temple? - the two pillars suggest that - and that's an
    Awen or a broad arrow on the porch roof ... extraordinary! (thanks for
    the links!) MG

    My response: well, further down the same road is a Mason's Care Home... so it does seem there is a link to Masons in that area. Interesting...

    Two of our participants on the walk were discussing this building with me. They felt it strange how there are these grand pillars, but between them a heavy iron door which looks defensive and prison-like.

    There are, in fact, three buildings with these pillars around their doors in that particular street.

  2. Georgina Dredge19 May 2011 at 09:54

    Looking good Carole and Jo. I look forward to reading
    your next Walk. :)

  3. We just wanted to thank you for today. The group had a fab time
    and is realy looking forward to next week. Carolyn


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