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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Wellbeing Walks

Corby Station
Our project now starts in earnest.  In June we plan to visit Derbyshire for Undiscovered Networks, but before that in May we will be starting our exploration around Corby for our associated project Wellbeing Walks.

Wellbeing Walks is a walking and mapping project for young people in Corby.  There are two reasons for the project:
1.  to find good routes to walk from Corby Station, thus expanding the rail network into a walking network;
2.  to find walks that will give people a sense of wellbeing - to make maps of those walks so that other people can find those feelings of wellbeing too!

There is lots of evidence that people feel better by taking physical exercise like walking.  Carole and I also find it relieves stress to discover the beautiful things around where you live or along a walk.

Multi-layered compass rose clipart on old parchment.

So we are going to walk with groups of young people from Corby Station out along the 4 points of the compass:  North, South, East and West.  We will walk and make maps of the beautiful things that we find, however small:

things of beauty
things of mystery
things of history
places for meditation
places for exercise, to breathe, to stretch
places for foraging
places for wildlife

Our maps will then become available for other people to use and discover those places, whether they are people in Corby looking for something on their doorstep, or visitors via Corby Station.

We hope to do two walks in May and two in June.

If you are a young person and want to get involved in the walks to make the maps, please get in touch.

The project is supported by N-Step for young people in Northamptonshire, Corby Community Arts and Northamptonshire Community Foundation.

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