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Monday 20 August 2012

A New Monday

It was a beautiful afternoon at the Green Patch, the overcast morning sky was replaced by soft clouds and gentle shades of blue. Our early arrivers happily set about watering the young trees in the new orchard and as more arrived the raised beds were also given some attention. The ducks and chickens were visited and Emily, the Green Patch cat was given plenty of fuss.

This also gave participants an opportunity to explore the Green Patch growing spaces and choose plants or elements they would like to draw during the course of the afternoon.

As the afternoon was mild and breezy we decided to forego the gazebo

There was a great sense of peace and relaxation

We worked with fabric dyes and wax crayons to create bold resist paintings

all age groups from 3 upwards enjoyed the activity

and there was plenty of time and space to make more than one image.

Esther's pencil sketch of the landscape as viewed from the Summer House

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