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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Day Three - Ideas and Unpredictable Elements

Today was a work / site exploration day for Miles & Dacombe and we began by setting up sewing machines under the gazebo at the entrance end of the Green Patch which gave us a view of the soft fruit garden and the new play area. We whizzed through the bunting designs from Monday's workshop and then went back to the summer house to do a bit of DIY whilst waiting for our visit from Rachel McGrath from Northampton Community Foundation.

After the visit we had lunch in the summer house, listening 
to  rain falling on the roof, watching the parched earth relaxing

We discussed ideas and made plans, painted the ceiling blue

Tricky in such a small space

Made plans for pan lids

Admired a quiet corner

Got a bit hampered by the weather

Got quite wet 

which Carole enjoyed 

almost as much as the plants!

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